Our Partnership with Guidewire

Compex today announced the launch of its integration partnership with Guidewire, making Compex’s end-to-end digital record retrieval process accessible natively within the Guidewire platform. Compex's solutions support the shift to lower-touch claims, reducing the time it takes to obtain and summarize any type of records, including: medical, billing, films, phone, insurance, building, police, social security, and more. The Compex Add-On for Record Retrieval enables insurers on Guidewire ClaimCenter to order and access records even faster than before, from within the Guidewire interface.

Capabilities of the Compex Add-on for Guidewire include:
  • Order records faster with claim info automatically populated
  • View real-time order status Directly within Claim Center
  • Receive records in Guidewire: Receive records and films securely back into your claim file
  • View records and films within ClaimCenter with an accessible DICOM viewer for films
  • Add Summaries & Chronological Org. chronological organization and medical/billing summaries save time & add value
  • Send records and films to third parties such as law firms, IME’s, Authentic4D, and others, as appropriate
Benefits of the Compex Add-on for Guidewire include:
  • Resolve claims faster with shorter cycle times
  • Reduce record retrieval and summarization costs
  • Streamline the process across claims, legal, and third parties
  • Redirect adjuster time to higher value activities
  • Support virtual and low-touch claims handling
  • Modernize with a digital end-to-end process

“Compex is proud to partner with Guidewire to provide an innovative solution that will drive efficiency and effectiveness for insurance companies,” said Paul Boroditsch, CEO, Compex Legal Services. “Our objective is to make life easier for adjusters, allowing them to focus on settling claims, by reducing the time and effort required to resolve a claim, and improving the bottom line for insurance carriers.”

To begin using the Compex Add-on for Record Retrieval, visit our page in the Guidewire Marketplace.