The Compex Way

Compex’s commitment to innovation, consistency, and client-centricity makes us more than just a record retrieval vendor, but a true partner in helping our clients scale nationwide.

Why Compex?

High-Quality, Cost-Effective Solutions Delivered Nationwide

As the most innovative record retrieval company with a national footprint and a best-in-class client success approach, we empower clients to retrieve the records they need—and capture the insights within them—as quickly as possible.

National Coverage

Compex provides services in all 50 states, delivered by over 500 professionals in 36 offices, with deep expertise in state and local regulations, from coast to coast

Scalable Solutions

Compex’s tech-enabled operations and proprietary processes drive efficiency & effectiveness at any scale, from local law firms to global insurance companies

Responsive Support

Compex’s industry-leading customer support team responds to  client requests quickly, giving you confidence that your needs are consistently being looked after

Deep Domain Expertise

Compex is the longest-operating record retrieval solution provider, giving us unprecedented expertise in all technical and procedural aspects of the business

Full Transparency

Compex’s world-class client portal keeps you appraised of the status of your orders in real-time, with robust notifications, so you always have a pulse on your records

Full Customization

Compex’s client portal, processes, and services tailor the experience to your preferences, so your orders are delivered your way, in the format you need them

Unified Operating Platform

Compex’s operating systems and platform are completely unified across the company, enabling consistent deployment of best practices and a seamless client experience

Client-centric Culture

Compex focuses on client impact, which means we make decisions with results in mind. Above all else we strive to deliver for our clients, every day

Trusted Partnership

Compex is a business partner—beyond just a transactional vendor—helping you implement and scale corporate initiatives successfully, nationwide

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