Our Partners Enhance the Compex Experience

We extend our capabilities leveraging long-standing partnerships with some of the top companies in the business.

Our Partners

Duck Creek

Duck Creek Technologies is a leading provider of comprehensive P&C insurance software and services that help global insurance carriers of all sizes deploy and manage products and services, optimize operations, and leverage digital to drive growth.


Guidewire is an P&C industry platform that unifies software, services, and partner ecosystem to power insurance business. It provides the standard upon which insurers can optimize operations, be more digital, use data in new ways, embrace insurtech, and simplify IT.


Authentic4D compares a claimant’s images side-by-side with the same anatomy in healthy and injured states to produce a compelling, objective, 100% admissible video that separates fact from fiction. Reviews are performed by board-certified neuro or musculoskeletal radiologists.

A1 Case Management

A1 Case Management is a cloud-based case management system. It helps law firms track and manage nearly every aspect of cases, end to end, on a single platform, driving efficiency, effectiveness, and better visibility across a firm’s entire docket of cases.


ColorTokens is a leader in ZeroTrust security, empowering a proactive approach to securing cloud workloads, dynamic applications, endpoints and users. The platform enables teams to achieve faster time to compliance for critical mandates like PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.


DocuCents knows the requirements for serving parties to litigation properly, quickly, and efficiently. Their legal mail processes ensure compliance, providing a declaration meeting legal procedure requirements, for just pennies more than the cost of a first class postage stamp.


MerusCase is a cloud-based legal practice management system. It adapts to fit the needs of each practice, streamlining document automation, time tracking, billing, calendars, email, and case management into one easy-to-use system that's accessible from any device.

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